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Metal Roofs: The Secret to Unbeatable Protection and Stunning Curb Appeal!

Published On January 14 , 2024

You might not initially think of using a metal roof for your home, but there are good reasons to give it some serious thought. Even though we typically associate metal roofs with sheds or barns, they’ve become increasingly popular for residential homes. While tin and metal roofs have been in use for centuries, the game-changer came in the 1830s with the introduction of galvanized metal, coated with zinc to prevent rust. This innovation made metal roofs more durable and lower-maintenance.

Despite the rise of cheaper and easy-to-install asphalt shingles, metal roofs are making a comeback. The range of materials available for metal roofs is surprising, and there are numerous benefits to choosing one for your home. If you’re curious, we’ll walk you through some of the top reasons why a metal roof might be the right choice for you. Keep reading to find out more

Unmatched Durability

Your roof is like the superhero guarding your biggest investment – your home, and it’s the shield for what matters most – your family. When picking a roofing material, you’re after toughness, and nothing beats the durability of metal. Living in the South, we experience our fair share of tough weather, from hurricane-force winds and heavy rains to hail, humidity, and scorching heat. While some roofing options can handle some of these challenges, it’s only metal that reliably stands strong against all these extremes.

Long Lasting

Asphalt shingles, probably the most common roofing material in the U.S., typically stick around for about 15-20 years. In comparison, metal roofs have an impressive lifespan of 50-60 years. If you go for copper or zinc, you could even enjoy the luxury of a roof lasting over 100 years. While other materials wear down over time, metal stands strong. It doesn’t succumb to the wear and tear caused by freeze/thaw cycles like some materials do. Metal isn’t a welcoming environment for fungus and mold, and it keeps critters from digging holes through it. You won’t have to fret about it cracking or coming loose in a storm, thanks to its sturdy nature. Plus, corrosion-proof coatings ensure that rust won’t become a headache.

Safe And Fire-Resistant

When thinking about the advantages of a metal roof, safety takes center stage. Fire is a perpetual worry in home construction, but opting for a metal roof, whether for a new home or an existing one, adds a layer of fire resistance. Metal proudly carries a Class A rating for fire resistance, indicating it has undergone rigorous testing for factors like flame spread, time before ignition, and resistance to gas flame cycles. A Class A rating is the highest, signifying that metal stands among the least combustible materials you can choose for your roof.

Metal Is Environmentally Friendly

Research indicates that traditional asphalt shingles can take an astonishing 400 years to break down in a landfill, primarily due to the petroleum-based elements used in their production. Every time a homeowner swaps out their old asphalt shingle roof for a new one, this waste lingers for centuries, contributing to environmental pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates this annual roofing material contribution at nearly 20 billion pounds.

Metal roofs emerge as a planet-friendly choice for homeowners seeking to shrink their carbon footprint, embrace eco-conscious practices, and cut costs on roof replacements over their home’s lifespan. Metal proves to be a considerably more sustainable option, often incorporating a minimum of 25% recycled materials.

Furthermore, when it’s time to replace the metal roof, the material itself is recyclable, offering an environmentally responsible approach to roofing.

Increased Energy Efficiency

If you’re on the hunt for ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency and cut down on monthly energy bills, a metal roof is a fantastic choice. The key player in enhancing efficiency is the metal’s reflective nature. Rather than soaking up the sun’s heat during the scorching South Carolina summers, it reflects it, slashing cooling costs and trimming energy use by as much as 40%. In the winter, you’ll experience improved efficiency thanks to its excellent insulating properties, translating to energy savings of up to 20% compared to asphalt shingles in colder months.

They’ve Got Great Curb Appeal

Metal roofs not only deliver impressive functionality but also elevate the aesthetics of your home with a variety of styles and an extensive color palette. The popular choice for residential metal roofs is the vertical seam, boasting a sleek appearance with concealed fasteners. In contrast, traditional roofing materials typically offer 15-20 color options, while metal roofs open up a spectrum of choices with at least 100 colors. This wide selection allows you to pick the perfect color that enhances your home’s architectural features.

Given the numerous advantages of metal roofing, it’s challenging to overlook this option for your next roof. If you’re interested in learning more about why a metal roof might be the right fit for you, reach out to the experts at Premiere Roofing. They can provide all the information you need and offer a free estimate for your consideration.

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