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Roofing Made Simple.

Forever Slate metal roof installations are built to last!

Clients are starting to see the value in metal roofs, causing the number of residential homes with tin roofs to surge in NY. ForeverSlate provides residential homeowners with an innovative, attractive, and environmentally sustainable roofing service and solution. We use only top-rated roofing products that are designed and tested to be beautiful, strong, and last a lifetime.


Although it may seem easy, installing a roof is actually an incredibly complicated job. To ensure a safe and successful installation, it is important to have an experienced professional install your metal roof. ForeverSlate is known for its professionalism and safety dominating the metal roofing industry!


Financing is available; easy credit terms with flexible payment schedules and at a competitive rate, we aim to allow everyone to invest in a metal roof. When considering your added house value, the lifetime warranty, and reduced electric bills, the metal roof pays for itself.

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Lifetime Limited Warranty

Promises are easy to make but a commitment is hard to find. Our confidence in the material is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. We are committed to ensuring that you don’t ever need to reroof.

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All of the Forever Slate roofing systems emphasize our commitment to protect, beautify and increase the value of your home with a lifelong roof, as well as safeguard the environment.

 Our roof systems provide the value of a lifetime.

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What our customers say about us

  • Our new Metal Roof installed by Forever Slate looks absolutely stunning. The roofing system gave the home a separate and amazing look from anything in the neighborhood. Arthur and the crew were spotless, kind, and answered any questions we had. We can’t say enough about the professionalism of Forever Slate.

    George Van Dorn
  • We just absolutely love the new Metal Roofing System from Forever Slate. Arthur worked with us through every step of the process and really did simplify things for us. Our new Slate Metal roof is not only saving us money from day one, but the curb appeal is beyond what we thought it would be.

    The Mulry’s


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