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3 Ways To Make Your Commercial Property Sustainable

Published On March 21 , 2023

As businesses become more worried about the environment, making commercial buildings that are good for the environment is more important than ever. The sustainable building revolution is gaining momentum, and it’s important to ensure your properties keep up with the trend. Climate change is a well-documented threat, and your tenants will likely care deeply about supporting an eco-friendly environment.

In this post, we will discuss how to achieve sustainable commercial buildings including practical strategies that you can implement in your building right away.

Choose Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Sustainable materials are an important part of any green building plan because they help commercial buildings have less of an impact on the environment. The type of materials used can have a big effect on how energy-efficient a building is, which could lead to lower utility costs. From using recycled materials to looking into new options like plant-based foams for insulation, there are a number of eco-friendly ways to make a building last longer and be better for the environment.

For instance, metal roofing. The unmatched recyclability of metal roofs makes them a favorite of many “green” enthusiasts. According to research conducted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), metal roofing is one of the most eco-friendly roofing solutions from a waste-reduction standpoint because it is made up of 40 percent recycled steel and the content of metal roofs in itself is 100 percent recyclable.

Prioritize Renewable Energy Infrastructure

Commercial buildings need energy to operate, but it’s important to consider the impact of energy consumption on the environment. Businesses can reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by using sustainable energy solutions.

The use of acrylic coating presents an environmentally friendly solution, as it is renewable and can be reapplied without the need to remove the current roofing system. This approach effectively reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. The coating also has a material that is made of a highly reflective membrane. This helps to lower energy costs by reducing heat.

Use Smart Technology

Smart technology is becoming more and more popular in residential properties, but it also has a lot to offer commercial properties. Smart controls for heating and cooling systems can help business owners and tenants save a lot of money on energy costs while using less energy. By letting people track how much energy they use and automatically adjust their devices, smart technology reduces the number of manual adjustments. This saves energy and, in the long run, lowers energy costs.

Here are some of the key security elements every smart building should have:

  • Physical security
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emergency systems
  • Occupancy tracking and visitor management


As we transition from traditional methods to greener alternatives for the sake of the planet, sustainable commercial buildings should take center stage. From utilizing environmentally-friendly materials to switching to renewable energy, there are several options available to commercial property owners. These solutions not only help to preserve the environment, but also offer cost-saving measures to business owners. It’s imperative that we prioritize sustainable practices in commercial construction to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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