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Why Metal Roofing is the Top Choice for Commercial Properties

Published On August 31 , 2023

If you own a commercial property, you know it’s tough to keep it in good shape and make it a valuable investment. Whether you have a warehouse, office building, or apartment complex, choosing a metal roof (insert link: can help you save money and increase your property’s value.


Each year, energy expenses appear to rise, and possessing an outdated and inadequately insulated roof substantially amplifies your energy consumption. By substituting the roof in your commercial or residential property with stone-coated steel roofing, you can effectively reduce energy consumption and cut costs.

Similar to shingles, stone-coated steel roofing is placed onto a sturdy plywood deck using sizable overlapping panels. These panels create an intervening air pocket, contributing an additional insulation stratum to the structure and serving to muffle external noises. Enhanced insulation is achieved through supplementary strata, encompassing decking underlayment, moisture barriers, attic insulation, and a sheetrock ceiling. These layers collectively aid in retaining indoor warmth while keeping frigid winter air at bay.

Mitigating the escape of warmth through the roof ensures a sustained and pleasant environment within your property, all while curbing your heating expenses. The insulative attributes of metal roofs offer added advantages during summer, effectively curbing the leakage of cooled air from your commercial premises. Beyond bolstering insulation, steel roofing provides a natural means of moderating indoor temperatures during hotter months. When the sun’s heat strikes a roof, it is either absorbed or reflected and emitted into the surroundings.

Contrary to the misconception that metal roofs intensify indoor heat by conducting it, they actually reflect heat, unlike darker asphalt materials that absorb it. Consequently, structures with metal roofing admit substantially less heat. Furthermore, the protective layer on stone-coated steel roofing serves to shield against the detrimental impacts of ultraviolet radiation.


Metal roofs stand as exceptional guardians of your property’s safety and stability. Enduring decades of exposure to harsh weather conditions, such as hailstorms, gusty winds, and heavy snowfall, with minimal repercussions, metal roofing boasts impressive resilience. It forms an adept barrier against moisture infiltration, effectively thwarting issues like mold, mildew, and decay, while also simplifying the process of snow removal. This translates to substantial cost savings through diminished maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Interestingly, a metal roof also brings an elevated level of safety against lightning strikes. By virtue of the metal’s non-flammable properties and the strategic design of these roofs, the risks associated with lightning strikes are significantly mitigated. The blend of durability, extended lifespan, and fire resistance inherent in metal roofs often prompts insurers to offer reduced premiums for structures benefiting from their installation.


Steel roofs commonly boast a lifespan spanning 40 to 70 years, often backed by warranties extending up to 50 years. In sharp contrast, asphalt shingles necessitate replacement approximately every two decades. Beyond the evident financial and waste-reduction benefits, this extended longevity can notably augment the resale worth of your property. Particularly in scenarios where you intend to acquire commercial real estate within a burgeoning locale and retain it as the vicinity gains value over time, opting for a metal roof can prove a highly strategic investment choice.

In business, initiating a capital enhancement such as roof replacement results in classifying its value as a capital asset in terms of taxation. This elevation in property value not only bolsters your asset’s value but also allows the gradual deduction of expenses over a span of years. To optimize the potential of your capital expenditure funds and ascertain whether a metal roof stands as the optimal enduring option, it’s advisable to seek guidance from tax and accounting experts.


Choosing the right roofing for your property is important, which is why it is advised to talk to an expert to get all the necessary information before making a decision. You can reach out to a skilled roof assessment team like Forever Slate to determine the suitability of a metal or stone-coated steel roof for your commercial establishment. They provide FREE estimation and consultation.

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