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Range of Premium Colors

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Premium Colors

K5 Rustic Metal Finishes

Steel, copper, and zinc are just a few examples of the naturally deteriorating metals that K5 offers a broad spectrum of PVDF paint solutions that mimic. Rusted metal has been utilized extensively in architecture. However, it has a lot of risks and hazards. Metals that are rusting may corrode and cause leaks. The PVDF coating on K5 long-lastingly protects the aluminum substrate. The materials and sidewalks can become stained by natural rust, drip from roofs, and wash down walls. As there is no rust with K5, there is also no staining.

  • Aged Copper

  • Aged Penny

  • Black Rust

  • Classic Rust

  • Colorado Rust

  • Copper Verde

  • Costa Rust

  • Dark Patina Copper

  • Galvynar

  • Grande Patina

  • Grande Ridge

  • Grande Rust

  • Koppertina

  • Mediterranean Copper

  • Mesa Copper

  • Metallic Rust (Low Gloss)

  • Mojave Rust

  • Old Sierra Rust

  • Old World Patina

  • Pacific Copper

  • Ranchero Rust

  • Raw Rust

  • Rebel Rust

  • Red Rust

  • Rocky Mountain Rustic

  • Running Metallic Rust

  • Running Rustic Patina

  • Running Rustic Ridg

  • Rustic Copper

  • Rustic Galvanized

  • Rustic Green

  • Rustic Jade

  • Rustico (Low Gloss)

  • Rustic Patina

  • Rustic Ridge (Low Gloss)

  • Rustic River

  • Rusty Creek

  • Sedona Copper

  • Tropical Patina

  • Weathered Zinc

  • White Rust

Premium Colors

Ore Rustic Metal Finishes

Ore is a first choice for New Yorkers looking for a cost-effective and long-lasting paint to cover their sheet metal with. This is great for replacing the natural metals that are both expensive and vulnerable to the envirement. This ore finish will not fade, lose its color, or rust – A good option for anyone who wants a clean, sleek metal design. Ore finish is awesome if you want to replace metals like brass, copper, stainless steel, zinc, and anodized aluminum. Your ore styled roof comes in array of colors to cover your aluminum roof. Choose Ore if you truly care about your metal roof beatufiying Long Island.

  • Azurite Ore

  • Black Ore (Matte)

  • Brass Ore

  • Bronze Ore (Matte)

  • Brushed Grey Dark

  • Carbon Ore (Matte)

  • Champagne Ore (Matte)

  • Chromium Ore (Matte)

  • Cinnamon Ore (Matte)

  • Cobalt Ore (Matte)

  • Copper Ore (Matte)

  • Desert Ore (Glossy)

  • Emerald Ore

  • Golden Ore

  • Graphite Ore

  • Iron Ore (Glossy)

  • Jade Ore (Matte)

  • Mercury Ore (Matte)

  • Mineral Ore

  • Platinum Ore

  • Quartz Ore (Matte)

  • Rose Ore

  • Sapphire Ore

  • Silver Ore (Matte)

  • Slate Ore (Matte)

  • Titanium Ore

  • Topaz Ore

  • Zinc Ore (Matte)

Premium Colors

Brazen Rustic Metal Finishes

Ready for a strong yet elegant appearance for your Long Island roof? Brazen finishes were created for this exact purpose. Giving architects a great way to stand out while not compromising on longevity. Essentially your New York home will have a look of aged brass at a significantly lower price and with the color that only PVDF paints can offer. The timeless beauty of Brazen will make your Long Island home stay beautiful for decades!

  • Antique Gold

  • Classic Crown

  • Gilded Crest

  • Golden Glow

  • Gold Nugget

  • Vintage Medallion

Premium Colors

Midnight Rustic Metal Finishes

Want to add a dark twist to your New York home? The Midnight series is a unique replacement for blackened steel and other dark aged metals. This finish is perfect for adding a sleek and modern look to your Long Island roof. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

  • Midnight Carbide

  • Midnight Chrome

  • Midnight Coal

  • Midnight Glimmer

  • Midnight Hour

  • Midnight Iron

  • Midnight Oxide

  • Midnight Tarnish


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